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@Diversity: A Competition for Innovative Ideas

European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture
Contact information:
Tel: +49 (0)30 488 288 570

The digital shift is changing the ways in which cultural goods are created, distributed, consumed and commercialised. For the creators of cultural goods this brings about new opportunities of interacting with the public and extending their audience reach. With regard to education in the cultural sector digital media, if applied wisely, offer an enormous potential.

The European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture has launched the "@Diversity" Award Competition in order to discover promising links between the cultural and the ICT sectors. Its objective is to detect and test innovative approaches of creating, sharing and distributing cultural content and thereby explore new business models for promoting cultural diversity.

The competition is being carried out in the context of the EU funded pilot project "@ Diversity - Innovative Ideas for the cultural and creative sectors in Europe" ". Individuals or organisations from all 27 EU member states plus Croatia are invited to apply until the 19th of August 2013. The submitted ideas have to belong to at least one of the following cultural sectors: cultural heritage, audiovisual works, performing arts, creation and exhibition of art objects, and publishing. The competition categories are "make culture", "spread culture", "access culture"", and "finance culture"".

For further information about the application process and conditions visit www.at-diversity.eu .

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