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Children in ICT - 3. International Congress: "Privacy versus Participation"

Congress Centre Luis Adaro at FIDMA

CTIC Foundation Information Society
Seminar leader:
Lidia Parra
Tel: +34 984 291 212

Following the success of the two previous editions held in 2009 and 2010, CTIC Foundation Information Society organizes the III International Congress Children in ICT to be held on 5th June at the Congress Centre Luis Adaro of the International Trade Fair installation in Asturias, (FIDMA) Gijon. This edition the Congress counts with the support and collaboration of Protégeles Association.

Representatives of the industry such as Tuenti, Faceboock, Google, and Blackberry, from institutions such as the Spanish Professional Association for Privacy, the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (Canada), Safer Internet, the Prosecutor's Office of the Principality of Asturias or Protégeles will debate around the theme chosen for this third edition "Privacy versus Participation".

Participation in its broadest sense: civic participation, participation in different types of communities: personal, working, leisure... communities. These technologies are enabling participation but also are promoting profound changes related to sociability, fostering collaborative work skills, the exchange of ideas, encouraging emotional expression especially among young people.

There are many questions that arise regarding these new forms of participation and all the positive issues that undoubtedly accompany them, to which we shall try to find an answer with the contributions from the national and international experts that will participate in this 3rd edition of the Congress Children in ICT.

Youth panels and speakers

Parallel to the Congress four panels of young people will be held. Each panel will consist of 6 young people from 12 to 15 years old, who will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns directly with one of the speakers invited to the congress. Thus, Oscar Casado - General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at Tuenti, Ricard Martínez - President of the Spanish Professional Association for Privacy, Chelo Abarca Director of Institutional Relations and Larry Bensadon - Director of Global Strategic Sales, both at BlackBerry, Janice Richardson - INSAFE, or Estella Cohen - Issues Manager at the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (Canada) will answer to the issues raised by the young people participating in the panels.

Committee of experts

On Monday 4th June, previous to the Congress and under its Framework, an extraordinary and private meeting of the Committee of Experts 'Child Protection in ICT'' will be held, which will be coordinated by Protégeles.

Several entities have confirmed their attendance, among which are:

  • Unidad Técnica de la Policía Judicial (Technical Unit of the Judicial Police)
  • Ministerio de Sanidad, Seguridad Social e Igualdad (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Equality)
  • Telefónica
  • Orange
  • Facebook
  • Tuenti
  • British Telecom
  • ANPE
  • Dédalo Foundation
  • Suspergintza
  • Brigada de Investigación Tecnológica. (Technological Investigation Brigade)
  • CTIC Information Society Foundation

The European Safer Internet Centres, sponsored by the European Commission, are responsible for the establishment of a Committee of Experts in each country. This Committee serves as an Advisory Committee working with each Safer Internet Centre and is composed of representatives of different sectors related to the activities of the Centre. Thereby, the Committee comprises representatives of the Internet and the Information and Communication Technologies Industry, State Security Forces and other Bodies, Governments, Parents and Teachers Associations, Child Protection organizations, representatives from the academic world, etc.

For years, in Spain, the Committee holds six-monthly meetings and continues to grow with the implication of new organizations that work specifically in the different autonomous regions.

The III International Congress Children in ICT is organized by CTIC Foundation Information Society in the framework of the E-Asturias - Internet and Family project (www.internetyfamilia.es). This project is funded by the Government of the Principality of Asturias, in the framework of the e-Asturias 2012 Strategy. The Internet and Family project aims at promoting a safe and responsible use of ICT among children and young people, by involving parents, educators, media, etc.

Registration is free and mandatory. Places are limited and subject to strict order of registration.
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More Information:

III International Congress Children in ICT http://menoresenlastic.fundacionctic.org

Contact person: Lidia Parra, info@internetyfamilia.es, Phone +34 984 291 212

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