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International conference in Nottingham: "OER13"

26.03.13 - 27.03.13
University of Nottingham
University Park
NG7 2RD Nottingham
open education special interest group (oe)
Seminar leader:
Jackie Carter, Chris Pegler
Tel: -
Jackie.Carter@manchester.ac.uk, c.a.pegler@open.ac.uk

'Open Educational Resources' (OER) is a worlwide movement to create open access to educational resources. Therefore digital teaching, learning and research resources like course materials, modules, textbooks and other tools are available for free use. It is important and very helpful for educators searching for individual teaching material to access the learning material for free and without copyright restrictions. OER can be re-used and repurposed independently of producers.

The international conference 'OER13' will take place in its 4th year on 26th to 27th March 2013 in Nottingham. It focuses the development of the OER movement during the last ten years and asks for new advancements. The aim is to find critical aspects from the past and creative potential for the future to create a 'Virtuous circle' and avoid a vicious circle in the OER field.

The conference committee relies on three key-themes: Evidence, Experience and Expectation. The Evidence theme will expose the actual stock of information about open resources and open practices. The Experience theme focus on sharing stories and actual activities occur in the OER. The Expectation theme asks for the emergent trends in OER and the realisation of the transformative potential to broaden open practice through a policy and advocacy agenda.

The programme will consist of a mix of refereed papers, workshops, symposia, posters and demonstrations.

For more information visit www.oer13.org or contact:
Jackie Carter (University of Manchester), Jackie.Carter@manchester.ac.uk
Chris Pegler (The Open University), c.a.pegler@open.ac.uk

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