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European Congress on e-Inclusion in Brussels

05.11.12 - 06.11.12
Civic Agenda EU
Troonstraat 61
1050 Brussels
Civic Agenda EU
Seminar leader:
Mieke Barbe
Troonstraat 61
1050 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 808 6805

In its fourth year the conference "European Congress on e-inclusion" will take place on 5-6 November 2012 in Brussels. The key issue is to promote the "Europe Growth Strategy - Europe 2020" to the delegates who are mostly public library stakeholder from Europe.

Last year the conference focused on possibilities public libraries have in local areas to provide digital resources. The organizer adjusts the conference topic to opportunities to support local regions with e-inclusion services provided by local libraries. Public libraries are well placed to provide innovative e-inclusion services at grass roots level alongside local and regional private, public and third sector stakeholders, complimenting the Commission’s desire to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Delegates will be made aware that in order to secure support at national and EU level, initiatives must be pursued which can generate tangible cross-sector gains aligned closely to the Growth Strategy’s policy priorities.

Get more information from the conference website: http://ecei12.com.

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