"Digital Literacy 2.0" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2012 - 2014.
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Working on ICT with adolescents and youth - Fundacion Esplai

Working on ICT with adolescents and youth (12-18 years) Online training course based on a global approach of the use young people make of ICT and focused on the promotion of the values of criticism as well as on the generation of participatory and commitment attitudes, analysing their leisure time and learning behaviours and their social and labor insertion dynamics. The course addresses issues like digital reputation and identity management or the definition of the educators role as main and more efficient firewall and safety guarantor

Type of tool:elearning module
Type of content:Identity Theft , Basic Internet Skills, Chat, Blogging, Twitter etc., Web 2.0, Private data abuse, Porn, Disclosing private information, Social Networks (e.g. facebook), Forums, Sharing Platforms, Data Protection / Privacy, Communication, Violence, Excessive internet usage, hate speech, racism, extremism, Youth Protection, Basic Computer Skills, Employability skills, values, digital identity and reputation
Target group:Teachers / pedagogues / librarians / trainer, ICT facilitators