"Digital Literacy 2.0" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2012 - 2014.
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Children in the ICT space - Fundacion Esplai

Children in the ICT space (3-12 years) The main objective of this training module is to offer a set of resources, methodologies, tools and ideas for developing our work with and for children, in a higher quality level and in a more efficient way in the ICT space. - Reflecting about the facilitator's role as educator and benchmark for children in the use of ICT - Analysing and working the basic skills for this concrete range of ages - Offering appropriate and adapted methodologies for this range of age (healthy use of ICT) - Learning how to design and elaborate cretive and educative activities about ICT for children - Offering tools, utilities.. for improving the work with children about ICT - Setting and designing protection and safety guidelines regarding minors and ICT.

Type of tool:elearning module
Type of content:Basic Internet Skills, Chat, Web 2.0, Porn, Private data abuse, Social Networks (e.g. facebook), Forums, Sharing Platforms, Data Protection / Privacy, Communication, Violence, Excessive internet usage, Youth Protection, Basic Computer Skills
Target group:Teachers / pedagogues / librarians / trainer, ICT facilitators